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“Going above and beyond the call of duty for me.”
Mark M.
Working with Ann has been incredible. She’s gone so far beyond the call of duty in so many ways that it really borders on being surreal. I originally hired Ann to help me sell an apartment in the Upper West Side, and she was about as different from the stereotypical broker as I can imagine. She was extremely friendly, and her business was truly full service. She put me in touch with photographers, attorneys, and anyone else I needed to contact in order to help the deal progress. It was one of the easiest processes I’ve gone through, which wasn’t at all what I had expected in selling a house. I contacted Ann again when I was looking to rent a new property. At absolutely no cost to me, she came over with her car and driver, took me around the city to look at a number of apartments, and advised me in my decision. I would absolutely recommend Ann to others. She’s wonderful at what she does, and she really sets herself apart from what someone might expect out of an agent.

“Ann's service had such grace and ease that we hardly knew we were involved in a difficult process.”
Gay L.
Ann was absolutely remarkable. In just two days, she showed us 13 apartments, all of which were completely within the guidelines we'd given her, but also encompassing a whole range of properties. She picked us up in her car and took us from place to place, so the whole experience had such grace and ease that we hardly knew we were involved in a difficult process. I think what really stood out in terms of Ann's service was that she kept in touch after we had done the deal. She contacted the management of our building to find out about storage options, gave us the name of the building superintendent so we could talk about any renovations we wanted to do, and she even set us up with her interior design consultant. Her whole team was always ready to answer any questions we had, and we always had someone taking care of the details for us. Working with Ann was truly a delight.

“I find it hard to believe that anyone could do a better job than Ann.”
Lisa G.
I've worked with Ann to buy and sell multiple properties, and every time we work together I'm amazed by her efficiency. She has a team of colleagues who go straight to work from day one. On the selling side, they market the apartment and get the word out about upcoming showings, and on the buying side, they sift through listings to find properties that fit my criteria. With the first apartment I sold through Ann, she was able to get a bid within a week. In addition to that, it was the highest bid that any unit in the building had received, and this was in a market slump. The second apartment I listed through Ann was sold within two weeks, and she ended up getting a bid that was higher than my asking price. I would recommend Ann to friends, family, or anyone. I honestly think she's the best agent in the market, and I know that you can't go wrong if you work with her.

“Ann is one of the good guys in a tough industry. I gained a dear friend by working with her.”
Daniel R.
What separates Ann from the rest is her humanity. It informs her professionalism and real estate brilliance. While she will get you whatever the market can bare (and then some!), your new home, or enriched bank account will be all the more sweeter because of having interacted with Ann. She is one of the good guys in an industry where, unfortunately, greed typically trumps heart. My experience with Ann was an absolute success on so many levels. Ann is charming, lovely, kind and has no airs about her. She is honest, realistic, straightforward, not to mention that her pricing of an asset's value is dead-on. Ann works dutifully to expedite and smooth-over an often bumpy road from accepted offer to closing. Essentially, I can't imagine a better agent for a real estate transaction. I got my asking price when I sold, enjoyed the process, and gained a dear friend. I recommend her, entirely.

“Ann is better than 'the best in the city.'”
Carmel A.
When the market started to fall, I decided I wanted to get out of Manhattan before it was too late. I had been working with an agent who I was told was the best in the city, but I was extremely disappointed with the performance I'd seen. The agent never showed up to open houses and only got one potential buyer interested in the apartment -- and that buyer wasn't even qualified to buy my co-op! I turned to Ann after three months and I couldn't be more thankful that I did. She sold my apartment extremely quickly, and we ended up closing right before the market completely collapsed. I think if she hadn't sold it so quickly, the property would still be on the market today, and I'd be in an awful situation. She was truly extraordinary as a broker with everything from getting the apartment in showing condition to closing the deal. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to sell, and I truly don't think there's a better broker in Manhattan.

“There's no one better than Ann in the city.”
Joram S.
Ann is currently helping me to sell my Chelsea co-op apartment. Even though we haven't closed the sale yet, I think Ann is as good of an agent as there is in the Manhattan area. I would give her high marks across the board, because she truly excels in every aspect of a real estate deal. I would not only recommend Ann to my friends and family, but I would urge them to work with her. There's no one better in the city.

“An agent that meets all your expectations.”
Emily M.
My experience with Ann has been seamless. I first met her in 1997 through a friend of mine, and we very quickly established a personal relationship. Since then, she’s helped me buy and sell condominiums and co-op apartments in the Upper West Side. Ann is up-to-date with all aspects of the market. She is very sophisticated, and she knows the ins and outs of any neighborhood. What stands out about Ann is that she’s great at resolving any sort of complications with a building or management, and she has a strong grasp on how to deal with any potential situation or issue. It seems that everyone likes her, and anytime I’ve mentioned her name to other agents, they've responded very positively. I would absolutely recommend Ann to my friends. She deserves five stars on all accounts.

“Ann Cutbill Lenane is the one to contact.”

Steven M.
We were dreading the process of selling our Condo, that is, until Ann Cutbill Lenane came into the picture.  'Seamless' is the only word that can describe the transaction that followed -- Ann coordinated everything, held open houses, and utilized the latest sales technologies in advertising our apartment.  Our fears were quickly eliminated when we saw the level of professionalism that Ann and her team brought to the table.  There is absolutely no doubt that for a stress-free and pleasant experience, Ann Cutbill Lenane is the one to contact, as she is an invaluable resource to our community.



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